Explaining media literacy to/for children

In august 2022, seven youth workers and teachers from Romania participated, together with other youth workers and educators from Finland and Norway, in the international training course on media literacy in Drammen, Norway. Media literacy experts from the project partners provided the workshops and trained them to use innovative educational tools to support youth in launching media projects and initiating civic actions. In the following months, the participants in the training organized local learning activities for more than 100 other youth workers and young people at local, regional, or national levels.

In the following  video,  Bianca Mereuță, Fundatia Danis’ volunteer and participant at the training, and Bogdan Radu, project expert from Fundatia Danis and Babes Bolyai University, offer details about the project and the educational resources developed. The goal of the video is to disseminate the information about the project and the resources available for free on the project platform to the public group  Ce le citim copiilor (What we read to children) of 149 K members from Romania, mainly teachers and educators


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Written by Bogdan Radu