MEDIAPRÄSSI: Snappy exercises in media literacy

Mediaprässi (Media press) is an instrument for having a lesson or exercises in media literacy. Mediaprässi has been developed by youth information unit of Lahti City Youth Services.

Target group: youngsters from 5th graders and up, suitable for young adults as well

Duration: 45 – 90 minutes

Group size: preferred for group of approximately 20 people (average class size)

Mediaprässi is not a single lesson, but a collection of fast and compact but effective exercises. They can be selected in use depending on classes/groups needs. The lenght of the lesson can also be varied. Every exercise takes about 15-20 minutes of time.

Includes following exercises:
– Copyrights and publishing material
– Freedom of speech and its restrictions
– Online bullying
– Different medias and their reliability
– The hazards in social media
– “Don’t film in emergency”
– The effect of images and videos

The material of Mediaprässi  is free for use and to be modified also. If there have been some changes made or new ways of running the exercises, we would be glad to know about them. New ideas and development benefits our work also, so feel free to take contact!

The material can be downloaded from Lahti Youth Services Google Drive -account. There are versions in English and in Finnish and a blank version that is possible to edit for one owns needs. 


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