MELIA – Media Literacy Observatory

Citizen’s competence is of crucial importance for active political participation, which is one of the main components of good governance and sustainable democracy. Especially in the Eastern part of the Danube region, political participation is stagnating. Particularly worrisome are apathy and lack of political interest on the side of the younger population. Furthermore, in the last years, we witness political developments that result in the deterioration of democratic standards in many parts of the region. The core element of the citizen’s competence is a high level of media literacy. It is necessary for citizens’ reflection of social reality and their resilience to negative media phenomena, like hate speech and fake news.

The main objective of the project is to improve democratic transnational governance by developing transnational media literacy observatory, based on cooperation between different relevant stakeholders. In many countries of the Danube region, the development of competencies of media literacy and active citizenship are far behind more developed parts of Europe


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Written by Bogdan Radu