Take Climate Action (SDG 13) through recycled handmade products

This story is part of the #PlanetChampions project run by New Horizons Foundation (FNO), Romania. We publish the story with the FNO’s permission and with the support of Norsensus Mediaforum’s volunteers who translated the story for the SDGs Youth Media Allies project.

“My name is Alexandru Pop and I am in secondary school. In my free time, I attend the activities of the Năsăud Children’s Club, where I learned a lot of things. From this project (#PlanetChampions) I learned that everything can be recycled and capitalized. I am passionate about technology, but I’ve learned to use my spare time in a different way – recycling and earning some pocket cash by doing it.

I’ve chosen to make Christmas decorations, yet not just that, because it is made at very low costs, we protect nature and human health since the products I make do not contribute to environmental pollution. The handmade products are adorable and sell very well. Everything I made was sold at the Năsăud Children’s Club Christmas Fair and from the money I’ve raised I bought robots for a robotics competition.

Handmade products are easy to make, they’re cheap and sell well, but most importantly they protect nature.”

Translated to English: George-Alexandru Mureșan and Eduard-Emanuel Perdevară



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