Workshop -You are the Voice!

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Participate in the collaborative working space and give your best tips and tricks regarding young peoples digital influencing arenas.

You will get to know the profiles of three young citizens who illustrate real-life examples of the types of young civic engagers that have emerged in the studies. The profiles have been compiled in terms of the problems, potentials, and concerns most commonly raised in the studies regarding young people’s civic participation. The profiles presented have been carefully selected to illustrate today’s young citizen’s issues in day-to-day participation. 

The task is to find solutions and suggestions that suit the needs of the young person with the aim of promoting young people’s civic participation, such as content production, self-expression and participation in public debate.  

Start planning/ brainstorming about how could you support the young people described in the profiles.  Focus on one profile at a time and come up with ideas specifically suited to the needs and desires described in the youngster’s profile.  

Link to the workshop:

Create your own public space/digital discussion arena where everyone can participate! 


1. Create a slack group with your team. 

2. Plan which at least 3 themes you would be interested to discuss about and create 3 channels and make the names of the channels describe themes.  

3. Start sharing content and share the slack group with your network.

Youtube video instructions on how to use Slack:


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Written by Sharon-Laine