Voice Documentary: Cyberbullying from children´s perspective

Children from Norway, Lithuania, Italy, Netherlands and Romania explain cyberbullying, and hatespeech to adults from their point of view. This short documentary is a collaborative project by the VOICE project. Voice is an Erasmus+ project is focusing on the challenges of the digital world – cyberbullying and hate speech online – and proposes a different approach of work – listening to the opinion of children and promoting co-education where schools, as well as parents, are involved in solving these issues.

More info VOICE Project WEBSITE

Coordinated by Vedat Sevincer

EDITED BY Delaram Shemirani GRAPHICS Xiu Li Workshop facilitators: Abdurrahim Gunaydin, (Norway ), Chiara Aliverti (Italy), Gergana Bogdanova (Netherlands) Giulia Dall’Ara (Italy), Justina Karnačiukė (Lithuania), Silviu Petrariu (Romania), Simona Litvinienė (Lithuania), Vlad Adomnicăi (Romania) Filming: Cătălin Cioban (Romania), Enrico Vezzu (Italy), Ismail Burak Akkan ( Norway), Vaida Kaupaitytė (Lithuania), Vitlena Vasileva (Netherlands)

LOCAL COORDINATION : Chiara Aliverti (Italy ), Ionuț Ruști (Romania ), Gintarė Černikienė (Lithuania), Vitlena Vasileva (Netherlands), Vedat Sevincer (Norway), MUSIC: Ludovico Einaudi, Olafur Arnalds



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